5. Painting the Character (1): Skin



I will add some shading to the base color on the character’s face.

While painting the character, I hide all the layers with the background objects.

[1] Painting shadows on the skin

First, I will paint directly on the “skin” base color layer.

I locked the transparent pixels at the color blocking stage, so the color won’t go out of the lines.

I'll use the “Paintbrush 1” to add color.

▼ This brush was introduced in part 1.


I use a darker color and build the color up by repeatedly painting and blending.

[2] Painting blues and greens

I make a new layer called “blue” above the “skin” layer and click the “Clip at layer below” icon at the top of the Layer palette.

Note: When you clip to a lower layer, you can only draw within the drawn area of the lower layer.

Read the following article to learn more about this function.


On the “blue” layer, I use the “Blue skin” brush that I made with a watercolor border to layer up blues and greens on the skin.

Painting blue or green on the skin deepens the color and creates the effect of blood vessels under the skin.

I build the color up on the forehead and neck, and also add a little bit of color on the arms and legs.

[3] Adding blush

I create a new layer called "cheeks" between the “skin" layer and the “blue" layer, then turn on [Clip at layer below] and change the blending mode to [Multiply].

Note: Read the following article to learn more about the different types of blending modes.


I will paint blush on the cheeks on this layer.

Like the blue and green, I add redness to add warmth and the effect of flushing.

After using “Paintbrush 1" to add redness, I blend the color with the “Textured eraser" brush created in part 1.

I thought that a red-cheeked girl would be cute, so I added the color softly like make-up (blusher) rather than making the girl’s face too red.

[4] Adding highlights

Lastly, I add some highlights.

I create a new layer above the “blue” layer and turn [Clip at Layer Below].

I add highlights in the blue and blush areas to create a slightly glossy effect.

I use the “Line art” pen and paint with the base color of the skin.

Now I’ve finished painting the skin.



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