8. Painting Other Objects and Small Adjustments



[1] Objects behind the characters

I’ll paint the small objects in the back. The method of painting is basically the same as for the person and the bear.

I use “Paintbrush 1" and “Paintbrush 2" to blend shadows to the base colors, then use the “Blue skin” brush to build up some depth on a clipped layer. Then, I use the “Detail” brush to add some green to the shadows.

Finally, I use the “Textured eraser” to make the color fainter at the edges and some other areas. I repeat this process until painting is finished.

<Painting the candy>

I use surrounding colors in the shadows and blend slightly different colors so that they come together with the rest of the piece. As a finishing touch, I add some patterns.

<Painting the Ferris wheel>

<Painting the strawberry>

When drawing food, I try to add a realistic touch so that it looks delicious.

I often draw sweets and fruits in paintings, but I think that the illustration is more fun if the food makes people think “delicious” as well as "cute”.

I adjust the shadows until the painting is finished.

[2] Detailed adjustments

Although I’ve finished the main painting, I continue to make minor adjustments such as the changing the line color and adding patterns.

■1. Changing the line color

I change the color of the lines on the legs and other objects.

Rather than changing the color of all the lines at once, I simply adjust the color in certain areas where it is needed.

If I change the color of all the lines, my art could look too faint or dim, so I aim for a slightly soft feeling while leaving the dark color of the original lines.

■2. Adding patterns to small objects

With the “Fill Pen", I draw text and patterns on various objects.

I take care to choose good color combinations so I don’t hurt the balance of the piece.

On the board, I use the [Pencil] > [Pastel] > [Crayon] tool for the doodles.

After drawing the design, I change the color of the doodles.

While selecting the layer with the doodles, I go to the [Edit] menu > [Tonal Correction] > [Hue/Saturation/Luminosity] and change it to a slightly greener color.

I change the color of the popcorn machine in the same way.

Since other small items are also drawn on the popcorn layer, I change the color using a selection area.

Using the [Selection] tool > [Lasso], I encircle only the popcorn machine, then use the [Edit] menu > [Tonal Correction] > [Hue/Saturation/Luminosity] to change it to a purplish blue.

I thought it looked a bit too somber in only blue, so I add some pink stripes for a more fun feeling.

As a final touch, I make a new layer directly above this and draw some extra lines and color going out of the lines.

Now I’ve finished painting the small items and adjusting the colors. In the next part, I’ll add some finishing touches.



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