Manga research record of plum and peach 5th



One day, high school third grader, Mikimoto plum who was suffering from career, was absorbed in the work of my favorite manga artist Piichi. Ume who wanted to draw such a manga also applies to assistant of Professor Piichi who happened to be an assistant by chance.

And, it was brilliant, I decided to teach manga under Professor Piichi! ... but the real identity of Professor Piichi was really younger sister Mikimoto peach !?
In this way, slut comic production by the sister starts now!

KADOKAWA Fujimi Shobo "Dragon Age" series You can read the back number of "Digital Manga Lecture" during serialization.

The 5th (published in September 2018)

Next time, the sixth will be released on 9th October 2018!

Dragon Age Grand Prix <DRAGON AGE GRAND PRIX>

Be sure to publish this magazine more than a honorable mention! Debut opportunity No1!
Wanted a big monthly! Dragon Age Grand Prix <DRAGON AGE GRAND PRIX>

Entry details are here !!!

【Author Profile: Huh】

I draw cartoons and illustrations based on my own Twitter and pixiv, and currently active in commercial magazines as well as coterie activities.
The masterpiece is "CP! (Comic · Dangan), "Star Love Tinkle" (MF Comics), "Cross Thesis of God and Fate of Awakens" (Dengeki G's Comic). In addition to manga, "Guild's helping man? "(Poni-kun BOOKS) and" L.A.T raid! Matsukita High School Legal Consultation Division "(Poniacan BOOKS) etc. I am in charge of illustration.
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