4. Finishing the Character



Here, I move on to creating my finished illustration.

The basic workflow in this step is as following: lower the opacity of the layer I want to tidy up, create a new layer on top of it, and draw clean lines.

I may occasionally erase and redraw rough lines so I can use them in the final version.

A. Tidying up the character

First, I clean up the rough draft of the body and the face of the main character. I continue to use the thin “Chalk” pen for the lines.

I’ll use this stage to fix the shape of the clothes, so I also draw lines for parts that are hidden by the clothes.

I lower the opacity of the upper layers so I can see the face and body more easily.

While adding more details, I adjust the rough lines.

At the same time, I redraw the make up around the eyes and add some blush.

For parts that require a solid fill, I will use the “Triangle brush”.

I draw the outline of the hair in a solid line, then color inside while leaving visible brush strokes.

After filling in the color, I add lines to represent the flow of the hair.

B. Tidying up the umbrella

This umbrella isn’t just transparent; instead, I imagine it reflecting the colors of the character and the sweets, so I used these colors for the lines.

I took care to recreate the transparency and shine of the plastic umbrella while painting with the triangle brush.

I finish up the rest of the character in the same way.



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