6. Tidying up Detailed Motifs



A. Tidying up accessories

I draw more details on the motifs that represent the boyfriend.

Again, I use the [Chalk] pen for the lines and the Triangle brush for the color, leaving visible brush strokes.

B. Drawing the garland

I move on to the garland of red thread which extends from the girl’s little finger.

Since I want to draw a neat streamlined shape, I use the [Curve ruler] tool.

Note: To learn more about drawing curves and adjusting the ruler used in this lesson, refer to the following TIPS lesson.

▼ Mastering Bezier curves: Cubic Bezier curves


I plot the overall points according to the rough draft, then use the [Correct line] tool > [Control point] to adjust the curve with control points.

The entire curve ruler looks like this.

Now that the ruler is ready, I select the [Chalk] pen and display the [Window] menu > [Sub tool detail] palette.

On the [Sub tool detail] palette, I go to [Correction] and turn on [Able to snap]. With this setting on, I draw the line.

The line snaps to the ruler neatly.

After drawing the curve, I turn off [Able to snap] and then redraw the triangular flags.



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