7. Tidying up the Background



I will draw the park's silhouette more precisely. First, I draw a white outline using the “Chalk” tool and then draw the inner part with the Triangle brush.

I also increase the brightness of the park’s silhouette.

This made the accessories stand out too much, so I eyedrop the yellow used for the umbrella and thunder, then use this color on the line art of the accessories. I also move some of these items to balance the overall composition.

I also finish drawing the clouds, rain, and thunder, which is the part I was most excited about.

I think of my original idea of a whirling typhoon as I position the thunder and clouds.

The umbrella reflects several colors, so the thunder should have a similar effect. I use multiple colors to decorate the outer edges.

After carefully considering the color of the park silhouette, I decide to change it to a brighter color. I also made the background slightly darker.

I also draw an outline around the hot-air balloon to make it stand out more.

I want to create a stronger association between the girl and the panda, so I add little buns like panda ears.

I add glittering stars behind the clouds.

I change the silhouette of the park again to yellow. Then, based on a idea that a spotlight is shining on the girl, I paint the girl’s silhouette. The large circle behind the girl looks like a moon.

Now I’ve finished tidying up of all the motifs.



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