5. Coloring (Skin, Eyes & Hair)



In this section, I’ll focus on coloring the skin, eyes, and hair of the main characters.

A. Skin

I’ll start with the skin.

I create a layer for shading. Using the watercolor paintbrush with a low [Hardness] setting, I add a deeper color for the shading.

I then take a deeper color and concentrate the shadows in the darkest areas. Next, I add a reddish tint to the cheeks and nose.

On a new layer, I add darker shadows.

Then, I hold [Ctrl] and click the layer thumbnail to create a selection area of this layer. In the [Selection] menu, I select [Shrink selected area] and reduce the area by 2px. I create a new layer above this shadow layer and fill the selection area with a blue-grey color.

This helps the skin look like it’s reflecting colors of the environment. On a new layer set to [Overlay] blending mode, I add some highlights. Finally, I adjust the color of the line art, then I’m done with the skin.

Below is the process for the demon girl. The steps are exactly the same.

B. Eyes

When laying out the flat colors, I created two layers for the eyes, one for the whites and one for the iris.

I create a new layer above both of these and set it to [Multiply], then add the shadows.

Next, I create a layer set to [Screen] blending mode and draw the highlights on the lower half of the eye. Then, I change the color of the iris layer so that the top is darker and the bottom is lighter.

I create another layer set to [Glow Dodge] mode and brighten up the lower highlights.

Then I change the linework color to match the color of the iris and add a layer above the linework for the last highlights.

I use the same process for the sorcerer.

C. Hair

I start off painting the hair by adding a little bit of skin tone to the strands covering the face.

Then, I lower the hardness of my watercolor paintbrush and paint a dark color over the base.

I use a lighter color and a pale yellow to add a halo of light over the hair where the light hits.

I increase the hardness of my watercolor paintbrush again, then I refine the shape by painting with the base color on the same layer. I create a new layer set to [Multiply], then create detailed shadows with a purple-tinged ashy brown.

I start off drawing the shadows with sweeping strokes, then lightly erase with a soft eraser tool.

I create another layer set to [Normal], then add some more details.

Next, I make another [Glow Dodge] layer and paint the highlight in the center of the lightest part.

Finally, I create a [Overlay] layer with low opacity to adjust the colors. These are the actual colors I used, shown at full opacity.

I use the same process to paint the demon girl’s hair.

The color ended up a bit different to what I was expecting, so I create a correction layer from the [Layer] menu > [New Correction Layer] > [Color Balance] and adjust it a little.


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