6. Painting (Clothes & Accessories)



In this part, I’ll show you how to paint the clothes and accessories.

A. Clothes

I’ll start off with the sorcerer, as his clothes cover more area in the illustration.

I use a very similar method for painting the hair.

First, I lower the hardness of my watercolor paintbrush and paint a dark color over the base, then I go over again with an ashy color at the edges.

I create a new layer set to [Normal] and mark out where the main folds are. Referring to these guides, I lower the [Density] of my watercolor paintbrush and paint blended shadows by eyedropping the surrounding colors.

Above this, I create a new [Screen] layer and paint the highlights. I create a [Overlay] layer to adjust the colors, and then it’s finished.

I paint the scarf using a similar process.

I use a slightly different process for the demon girl’s clothes, so I’ll show you how I painted the belt.

I start off with an overall dark shadow like the other clothes, painting first with low hardness and then increasing the hardness again for details.

I thought the belt would be boring without a pattern, so I use the [Decoration] tool > [Flower] > [Cherry] to paint a cherry blossom pattern.

Once I’ve laid down the pattern, I turn on [Lock Transparent Pixel] and fill with a solid pink, then set the layer mode to [Overlay].

To finish, I create a [Glow Dodge] layer and add the highlights.

B. Accessories

I’ll start off with the snow bunny.

I imagined the eyes as being little berries, and the ears as pointy leaves. In real life too, I like to make snow bunnies by adding little leaves as ears.

I paint the eyes and ears using the same broad process as before. For the body, I paint with a snowy blue-grey and add some ambient reflections of the colors of the skin and clothes.

I paint the sword in almost the same way as the clothes; first I add overall shading and detailed shadows, then use [Overlay] and [Glow Dodge] layers for the highlights.

I paint all the remaining parts like the horns and the umbrella handle, and then the painting is finished.


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