I can’t start or save Clip Studio Paint after installing it




We have been informed that the issues below may occur if the Windows Security System (Windows Defender)’s [Controlled Folder Access] is turned on.

・Clip Studio cannot be installed, cannot be started.

・Tool settings cannot be saved

・“Unable to find file.” error displays and file cannot be saved

Issues confirmed in:

・Windows 10


Note: Displayed items may vary depending on the Operating System.

Follow the methods below and see if the situation improves.

1. Select the [Windows Start] button, and click [Settings].

2. Select [Updates and Security].

3. On the left side of the screen, select [Windows Security] > [Open Windows Security].

4. Select [Virus & threat Protection].

5. From [Virus & threat Protection] settings, select [Manage settings].

6. Select [Manage Controlled folder access]

7. Switch [Controlled folder access setting] to Off

8. Uninstall Clip Studio Paint, then Clip Studio.

9. Reinstall Clip Studio Paint.

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