TIPS (Pro / EX) that arranges dishes on a table with a purse using transformation



This is a TIPS that arranges small items according to the table's perspective using (transformation / reduction / rotation) or (free transformation)
To do this you have to make a "tableware brush" for TIPS
How to make the material itself is not special
It's not 3D, so it's not free at any angle

The 3D background and dishes are floating, but I do not mind!
Material used for sample
3D materials "Living, Entrance (Detached)-Ver. 2" and "Celebrity Lady" and "Brush of Tableware"
I made my own tableware brush

Prepare a brush for perspective

At first we make dish brush
1) Draw a cross in the center of the square canvas

2) Since the center of the cross is the center of the "bottom" of the accessory, only the upper half is used
I want to put the accessories on the table in a uniform scale, so I draw while thinking about the contrast between the accessories

3) "Brush tip material" (The expression color of the layer was "gray")
Select "Select All" from the selection menu (this is a mistake)
We will register dishes on the material pallet one by one.

When registration to the material pallet is completed
4) Double-click the material thumbnail in order to display "Material Properties"
If you do not confirm the name of the material, please give it
Check "Use as brush tip shape" (don't forget)
I also put a "tag" to make it easy to find the brush tip

I made eight dishes (there is also a story that seasoning is not tableware! But I don't care)

5) Make this a decoration brush
Select "Brush tip" category in "Sub tool details"
Register the brush tip shape of the tableware created by clicking "Material" for "Brush shape"
Continue to select the category "stroke" in the "sub tool details" category
Set "Interval" to the "Fixed" icon
Set the interval number to 100
We do not change brush size, opacity with writing pressure

This is the end of the brush settings
Please set other fine parts to be easy to use

6) Prepare a table for placing dishes
It does not matter if I draw it by making full use of a perspective ruler, etc., but I asked for 3D

7) Draw a new layer of horizontal and vertical atari at the four corners of this table and draw it
This Atari will be used in a modification of the "Makoto Table" described below

8) Prepare an image of the table viewed from directly above (you can also draw by hand)
Makoto table is used for transformation
(Raster 3D tables should be rasterized. If 3D remains, it will not transform)

9) Create a "new vector layer" on a table of genuine salmon and place the dishes in order from the top (the back)
The brush size finds a reasonable size while considering the contrast with the table
By moving the thumbnail of the material list to the top with "Brush tip" in the subtool details
You can choose the dishes you want to output to the table (though it's a bother)
At this time, do not change the brush size midway
(The order is from top to bottom on the vector layer)
You can also place a coffee cup on the plate

If you want to fix the position of the dishes, you can change it with the object tool

10) Put the layers of tableware and tableware into one folder
Hide the layer of dishes to concentrate on the deformation of the table (even if it is visible)

11) Align the left and right of the four corners with deformation
With the layer folder selected in the layer palette
Select "Free Transform" or "Enlarge, Reduce, Rotate" from "Transform" in the Edit menu
Check "Change vector thickness" in "Tool Property Palette"
Uncheck "Main proportion of original image" (There are items that are not displayed depending on the selected transformation)
In the case of "free deformation", hold down (shift) and drag the four corners of the table left or right
In the case of "scale, reduction, and rotation", hold down (ctrl + shift) or (command + shift) and drag the four corners of the table left or right
Align to "Vertical Atari's Line"
"OK" once

12) Adjust the height of the table
Also, select "Enlarge, Reduce, Rotate" or "Free Transform" from "Deform" in the Edit menu.
Uncheck "Change vector thickness" in "Tool property palette"
The check of "Main ratio of original image" remains unchecked (There are items which are not displayed depending on the selected transformation)
Align the height with the "horizontal Atari's line" so that the positions of the left and right corners do not shift
I was able to transform!

13) Hide the layer that was the table of sincerity
Hide layers used for atari
Display the layer of dishes
It's done

Don't worry about the details
I think you can see the tableware on the table purse

It's over

"Dish brush" used here has been registered as "Find materials"
If you are having trouble making your own, or if you want to try it for now, please ask
In that case, I will try experiment to put dishes on a table placed diagonally
Half success, half failure, but I think it is reasonable


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