Masks in a 2D Animation in Clip Studio Paint


Hello! In this article I will show you how to use Masks in a 2D Animation in Clip Studio Paint, we will continue with the animation of the head turn of the girl we made in the previous article:

In this article we will make a new stage of this animation, we will mask the Animation so that the next process, the color, is much easier to make.

For this we will use the "Masks" of Clip Studio Paint.

We will also create folders to work in order.

But for all this to be understood much better, I invite you to see the following Tutorial:

Tutorial: Masks in a 2D Animation

What do you think about the video? I showed you step by step how to create masks in each of the frames of the animation.

Now, we will go to see a step by step color create Masks in Clip Studio Paint.

Step by step to create Masks in an Animation

Step 1: Cleaning the Animation
Cleanup of the animation made in the previous article of this animation.

Step 2: Self-selection tool
With this tool we can select the spaces of our character to be able to paint it later, in this case, we will first make the mask.

Step 3: Drawing Selection
In this step with the tool "Auto selection" and with the help of the "Shift" key we will select all the parts of the drawing of our Animation.

Step 4: Create folder and insert layer
The next thing is to create a folder in the menu "Layer - Create folder and insert layer", so that the newly created folder has the same name as the frame and it is automatically inside this new created folder.

Step 5: Layers folder
Now we must create a folder of layers in the menu: "Layer - Layers folder", because in this folder we will create the mask.

Step 6: Mask selected area
In this step we will create the mask. We select the newly created folder and go to the menu: "Layer - Mask selected area".

Step 7: Created mask
We have created the mask and it is visible in the "Layers" panel. Now we can create all the layers that we want inside this folder where we have created the Mask.

Step 8: Fill layer
Now we will check how the mask works, for that we will paint the area of the mask. Let's go to "Layer - New Layer - Fill".

Step 9: Fill Color
This window is displayed where we must choose a color.

Step 10: Mask
This is how we can verify that the mask works perfectly.

Step 11: Masks in an Animation

Now we just have to create layers inside the folder where the mask is and paint our animation, but we'll see that in the following Clip Studio Paint article called:

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