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Hello everyone ! For this style, we will focus on the duplication method (widely used in the Pop Art) Clip Studio Paint. With the software, it will be simple to have a nice rendering with any animal, character, object ...


To make a small work, I first used a page of 800x700 px 72ppp. With this format, it is quick to create drafts and basic shapes:

1. Create 2 layers to make the sketches (Pen G in 6 / blue).
= White sheet emoticon lower right '' New pixilation layer ''

(Here I took the example of a squirrel and a dog.To realize many animals it is the same step:
- We make 1 vertical line and 1 horizontal that come to cross to make the base of the head.
- The ears begin roughly at the area where the eyes end at the top.
- For the body of the squirrel I do it 2 times smaller than the head / for the dog it has more proportionality but it can be done like the other animal.
It all depends on everyone's tastes!)

2. Create a 3rd layer.

Here I named it '' Shadows '', it will serve us to create future shadows on animals. For example, I have delimited 2 parts of the squirrel's tail (= there will be a shadow zone and a lighter zone).

3. We create 4 frames that will serve as background (black rectangle in 8).

To do it easily and proportionally we draw 4 lines in a 4th layer (1 horizontal, 1 vertical, 2 diagonal) and 4 squares in each side of the page.
= Direct Drawing emoticon '' Straight line ''


To have precise features I changed the resolution of the page (11920x 10430px 72ppp).
= Edit (E) on the top left then '' Change the image resolution ''. Just enter the number 20 in '' Scale ''.

1. Once done, just make the outlines of your drawings (Here my two animals).

To make it easy, one can use the tool '' Continuous curve '' in the emoticon of Direct drawing. We choose the color we want and we take the size 15.

2. Each drawing is duplicated twice to obtain 2 more.
= One clicks on the corresponding layer (right clicks for a mouse / bottom click with a stylus) and one presses on "Duplicate the layer".
There will be another slap appearing named for example '' Squirrel Copy 2 ''.

3. Drag the 4 drawings into the frames.


1. Choose your colors.
= Chromatic disc (lower left).

In a work of Pop Art, it is better to take shimmering colors so that the drawing comes out well (it is better to avoid taking gray, dark brown ... as the dominant color on your page).
= Primary and secondary colors will be your allies for your creation!

2. Fill in the 'No-shadows' areas.
= Click on the area that you want to color with the tool in the shape of a magic wand on the left (Auto Selection W "Consult visible layers").

Previously, I explained having delimited the shadows and lighter areas. Here, you have to color those that are clear.

3. Change the color of the outlines.
= One clicks on the layer of contours of the dog of right then on the emoticon with a blue and white sheet '' Color of layer '' + '' To define the colors ''.

During inking, we choose the color we want because we change it. Here I'm going to change the contours of animals with a darker color than their light areas.
= Ex: For the green dog that has black contours we change to dark green contours.

4. Fill in the shadows.
= They are filled with the same color used as for the contours (dark).


For the background everyone is free to do what he wants (features, points, diamonds ... there is everything in the Clip Studio Paint!).

1. Draw lines in a new layer.

= One clicks on the zone of the bottom (here the white zone in the square, behind the animals) with the magic wand ('' Selection auto W '' + '' To consult visible layers ''). Then we use the tool Figure (U) on the right and '' Straight line '' in '' Direct drawing ''. Just choose the color you want and go!

2. Fill the bottom areas.

Once the features made in each frame (4) click with the tool in the shape of magic wand again (the same as before) and then color!

(If you notice that your center drawings do not stand out enough, click on each of the 4 layers of lighter colors (not the shadows) and reduce the opacity).


1. Add objects.

We insert what we want in each background through "Material (Basic)" = the arrow pointing to the right between the right side and the page.

2. Color the background background (here the blue area) with the color you want (preferably not too dark for the frames to come out).

3. Add words.

In a work of Pop Art, it is common to add to the drawing writings in capitals to give an effect of disorder and impact.
= Go to the emoticon in the shape of A on the left "Text (T)". We adjust the size and rotation as desired. If you want the same effect as on my creation, reduce the opacity of the words.
= You have to create a new layer and merge the word with it ("Combine lower layer + Opacity 30").

4. Duplicate the shadows.

To obtain a movement effect, one duplicates the layers where are the dark colorizations of the drawings. Then click on the arrow on the left "Move layer (K)" and your Pop Art is ready!

With your stilettos!éer-une-oeuvre-pop-art/


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