Drawing handgun with rulers


Hello! EatenRibs, here!
I will show you how I drew this handgun using CSP only!
Before we start. I usually find free 3D models and after I position them I trace on top of them. But if you can't find or make an appropiate 3D model, this tutorial is for you!

1. you need references of the weapon you want. Side view and 3/4 view are enough.

2. Find the 3D model of handgun that comes by default with CSP and position it in the same angle you have in mind for the final drawing.

3. Duplicate your layer with the 3D model. Now Resterize the new layer. Gudes of the 3D layer will remain. You will use them to draw.

Clear your layer pressing Delete in your keyboard.

4. Select the Rectangle tool with Line option. We will sketch the basic forms of the gun. The rectangles will snap to the ruler.

5. If your lines are not snapping. Go to View and check "Snap to ruler" and "Snap to Special Ruler".

6. In this case in particular. the proportions are quite different, the trigger is much closer to the cannon so, before we start drawing it, I will move the 3D model in position. This way the perspective will remain accurate.

Now we can continue to draw the trigger and the grip.

7. Since the grip is straight and tilted, different to the 3D model we will add a new ruler. Press U until you reach the Ruler pannel and select Special Ruler. It is roughly 45°compared to the cannon line. Set it to touch the top corner of the gun.

Important! Hide the rulers you are not using every time.

8. With all the basic shape of the gun drawn. We will use these boxes to add all the curve details.

Create a new layer for this and change the Opacity of layers below.

9. You do not need to re-draw everything. Only things you haven't specified before.

When you finish, you will have something like the following image.

10. Now duplicate your drawings in a new folder. Clean them without merging them yet!

When you finish, feel free to merge them in one transparent layer. Fun part is ahead!

Final lineart

11. Now is time to use our Vector layer to create our line art once for all. I recommend using the Polyline and Gpen without Pen Pressure or any option that changes the thickness.

I decided to omit details from the actual gun just to save time. But you can add to it as much detail you want.

It took me about 1 hour to finish it. Hope this tutorial was useful for you.


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