Processing photos into pop art


Hello everyone.
In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Clip Studio Paint tools to easily make your photos look like pop art.

Complete with the help of gradient maps and auto actions.
Since various processing can be done by using the tool, I would be happy if it was a chance to make a pop art work.
Let's get started.

1. Prepare a photo

Let's prepare a favorite piece.
This sample material is a Japanese castle. (I shot it myself.)

Canvas: 2000pixel × 1500 pixel
Resolution: 72 pixel / inch
Mode: RGB color

2. Divide the background into layers

Select the background with the Auto Select tool and copy and paste.
Make sure that only the background layer is added.

Once confirmed, hide the copied layer for the time being.

 3. Apply the gradient map

 Click [Edit] and select [Gradient Map] from [Color Correction].

This time, I will introduce the gradation map to be used.

* How to add gradient map set material *
Click the icon next to the gradient set selection field, and click [Load set material].

A list of downloaded set materials will be displayed. Select the target material and press OK.

4. Create various patterns with gradient maps

Select the desired gradient map and press the icon with the down arrow to display a preview. Try it out and hit the OK button if you find something you like.

I like the color of the building in the lower left and the background in the lower right, so I'm going to make it using a combination.

You can create a building and background separately by clipping the color layer you want to use for the background to the background layer that has been divided in advance.

5.Processing using auto action

Start with the background.

Display auto actions from the [Window] menu.

Here is the auto action used.

Click the icon in the upper left of the auto action window → [Add auto action] to add it.
Select the layer you want to process and double-click “Print Effect 5 Lines” from the color halftone auto action.

Next is the building.

This illustration tone weathering action "tone weathering: 5L" is used.
I also added “tone weathering: 15L” to the shadow of the building.

Pop art is complete.
I think it will be interesting to use the gradient map again after it is completed.
CLIP STUDIO ASSETS guides you through various color patterns, so please make use of them to create interesting works.

Thank you for watching to the end.
I hope this tutorial will help you.


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