How to make a 3D model look like a machine


Hello everyone.
In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw a robot using Clip Studio Paint's 3D model tool.

Introducing the 3D model used this time.

First, let's load this model into the campus.

Canvas: 2000pixel × 1500 pixel
Resolution: 72 pixel / inch
Mode: RGB color

Next, create a new layer below the skeleton model layer.
Load [3D Drawing Doll Ver.2 (Male)] there.

Let the same pose be wrapped around the skeleton with a drawing doll.
You can freely change the figure of the figure figure by clicking the + icon for changing the figure from the [Window] → [Tool Properties] / [Sub Tool Details] menu to open the menu.

* Please remove the tool property “Is affected by light source” so that it is easy to see.

Next, convert the 3D drawing doll layer to LT.
Select [Layer] → [LT conversion of layer] and press OK.

The same LT conversion is applied to the skeleton model, and the opacity is reduced to 55%.

It looks like a machine.

I put a color that makes me feel electromagnetic.

Thank you for watching to the end.
I hope this tutorial will help you.


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