Getting Texture with Image Combining Technique


Hello in this tutorial I will show different ways of using a texture image to get the texture in your paintings.

so the first way is to select the image material from clip studio assets. I am using a paper texture to demonstrate, you can choose any texture you like.

in the clip studio material select drawing paper. a new layer will be created above all layers. You can change the opacity of the texture as you like

I have lowered the opacity and changed the layer from normal to overlay to get a nice effect, you can choose different layer options to get the desired result.

this is the final result after changing opacity and changing the layer mode to overlay.


do the same as in the first method select and drag-drop the material on illustration

but this time under layer properties select>effect>texture combine as shown
below. the benefit of using this method is that the illustration does not get dark and the texture combines with the illustration.

here you don't need to change the opacity as the illustration does not get dark.

Texture on specific object

for example, I want to use texture on only the blue part of the cloth in the picture below.

drag-drop the image texture on illustration.

and I moved the drawing paper layer which was at the top to just above the cloth layer. and I clipped this layer to clothes cop layer. the layer you want to have texture on clip the texture image material to it

as shown above

texture is added to the cloth. you can use the wood texture on the cupboard painting to create the texture of wood etc.

Texture brush + Image Texture

I really like this technique so for this create a layer above your illustration layer and use any texture brush and fill up the canvas with patches of different bright colors. use bright colors as after changing the layer mode darker colors will not be visible.

after changing to screentone it will look like this

and then add the image texture

I changed the layer mode from normal to linear bum. to get a nice effect. choose layer mode as it suits with your image

texture brushed I used are these

rasterize the image texture layer

by rasterizing the image texture layer it can be used as a normal layer. I'll show how. first, select a texture and drop it on illustration. the same method as above but this time select the paper texture layer>right click>rasterize.

after the layer is rasterized you can erase any part of the drawing paper texture like this

interesting right, you can use this method if there are many parts you want to have texture on and don't want to create drawing paper texture on every layer to have texture on different objects. you can simply erase the unwanted parts.

texture settings

you can try different settings here

the scale ratio (under operations>object) in the above image is 1000 this make texture big or hard whatever you call it

and in the image below scale ratio is 100 which make the texture small

you can experiment with different settings as you like it.

I remember when I first saw a painting with texture I was so amazed but I at that time I didn't even know what it was or how I can create it. I hope you like, it Have lots of fun painting.(^v^)


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