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Hello Everyone! Qsan here again.
Thank you very much to all of you for your support in my tutorials.
Today I wanted to share this step by step of the girl with the grapefruit basket. the main character of the tutorial "Some background tips for watercolors style works"


I really enjoyed making her and I hope this step by step can give you some ideas and help for your work. Let's go!

A girl with the grapefruit basket. Step by step

Open Clip Studio Paint.
Go to File->New and create a new canvas “illustration”.
The size is A3 format. 420 x 291 mm 350 dpi.
Click Ok.

For the character, I was inspired by the hot summer
and the wonderful straw hats that are worn in this season.

Create a new Folder “Sketch” -> New Layer “01”
With the Gpen and black color, sketch the main concept.

Once you’re satisfiedSatisfied with the general idea, start inking.
Create a New Folder “ink” -> New layer.
With the Gpen and black color draw the defined lines.

Once completed, Create a New Folder “Colors”
Put this under the folder “ink”.
To color it first add a New Layer “white” which will become a base color.

Next, go to Autoselect-> Refer to editing Layer.
Click in the area outside of the main outline of the character.
After that go to Selection Area -> Invert Selected Area.

If you have unwanted selections, due to the use of white on the line,
Go to Selection Area-> Lasso.
Holding the ALT key of the keyboard, you can delete the excess selection.

[ Note* You can use an alternative tool, the erase selection tool. ]

If you’re like me, and sometimes you use white color to erase, remember to change the “Ink” folder option from “Normal” to “Multiply”. In this way, the white made inside the line won't be annoying.
We will see later how to delete the whites outside the line.

Go to Fill(G) -> Refer Only to Editing Layer.
If you see that the selection has been successful, and the character is filled with a flat color,

change the green color to white.
Go to Edit-> Tonal Correction -> Hue/Saturation/Luminosity

Go to the Luminosity option and move the arrow to the highest value.

Click [Ok]
The main base is ready.

Let’s start coloring!

Create folders for each item:
skin, shirt, hair, jeans, grapefruit basket and straw hat.
For each folder, Clip at Layer Below.
With this method. the color won’t paint outside of the white base we previously created.

Go to the “skin”folder.

Create a New Layer [Normal 100%]
Used my to the Copic Sketch Q and do a first base color.

Note* The Copic sketch Q is my custom brush. It has the same options of the custom brush watercolor I made on this tutorial [ link here ]. The difference is that it is not texturized and has a’amount lighter.
[ Also remember that the pressure of the pen is relevant for setting the brush. ]

If you want to create the same blender effect with standard brush.
Use the Gpen, and paint Spread a bit of color.
Next use the Blend tool and blending the color.
You will get the same effect.

*end Note

Select Soft Watercolor Brush [Alternative: Go to Brush -> India Ink -> Light Running Ink]
and put a bit of blush on the cheeks.

To add the shadow of the hat in her face.
Create a New Layer [Normal 100%]
Go to Selection Area -> Lasso.
Select the hat portion above her face.

Go to Fill(G) -> Refer to editing layer
With a stronger pink, color the selection.

Go to Move Layer-> Move Layer
Move the layer/color and place it on the forehead.
In this way we have obtained the hat shadow on the face.
Erase any excess color.

Create a New folder “Eyes”-> New Layer [Normal 100%]
With the Soft Waterbrush [alt. Gpen and blend brush tools]
Color the eyes with green and yellow and blend together.

Her face is ready.

The same procedure will be applied also to the other folders.

Go to “shirt” folder. -> New Layer [Normal 100%]
Go to Selection Area-> Lasso.
Select the border of the hat,
Go to Fill(G)-> Refer to editing layer.
With the green, color the selection.
Go to Move Layer-> Move Layer
and create a shadow on the girl’s shirt.

Create a New Layer. [Normal 100%]
Tool -> Soft Waterbrush.
With a lighter green create highlights/shadows on her shirt.

Create a New Layer [Normal 100%]
With Gpen and yellow color, create a simple decoration on the shirt.
in my case, simple horizontal lines.

Go to the “jeans” folder.
Create a New Layer. [Normal 100%]
With Gpen color the garment.
With Soft Waterbrush, create yellow highlights/shadows.

Go to “hair” folder.
Create a New [Normal 100%] Layer. With the G-pen, first make a yellow base.

Create a New [Normal 100%] Layer. With the Soft Waterbrush, create a green highlight.

Create a New [Normal 100%] Layer. Go to Selection Area -> Lazo
Select the hat portion above her hair.

Go to Fill -> Refer to editing layer
Color the portion with with a darker yellow / ocher.

Go to Move Layer.
Move the layer/color and place it on her hair.

Go to “grapefruit basket” folder
Create a New [Normal 100%] Layer. With Gpen create a brown base color.

Create a New [Normal 100%] Layer. With Soft Waterbrush and two colors , pink and green, add light/shadow effects.

Create two new layers. [both Normal 100%]
Select the G-pen and for each one, color the grapefruit and the green leaves.

Go to “straw hat” folder
Create a New Layer. [Normal 100%]
With G-pen do the main base for the hat and the ribbon.

Once we have an idea of colors to use, we can start the details and finish our character.

First, go back to the “shirt” folder.
Go to Layer “03” and change the layer option from Normal to Exclusion.
Change the opacity to 45%.
In this way we get a two-tone effect that I found very nice.

Go to “grapefruit basket” folder.
Create three shadow layers, and do the shadow of each elements, fruit, basket and leaves.

Create a New Layer [Normal 100%]
With the Soft Waterbrush and white color, give a bit of light effect.

Go to “straw hat” folder.
With the Soft Waterbrush and light green, create color stains to make the straw effect more subtle.

Close the Color Folder.

Create a new Folder “ Add” , above the Ink Folder.
Create a New Layer. [Normal 100%]
With G-pen let’s start to define the whole character by:
adding the white on her eyes,
delineating the shape of the hair
adding some line of light and shadow.
adding the jean seams

and defining the line and color of the hat and the basket with simple hatching, making it more rough and shiny.

This process can be done on different layers.
Personally I used 3 always working with the Normal Layer option and with G-pen.

With the New Layer -> Overlay [Opacity 45%], add a shadow color ( use black or dark green color ).
If the color is flat, remember to change the “Add “ folder option from Normal to Through.

Finally complete the character by adding decorations as you wish.

Create a new folder “Extra”- > New Layer.
With G-pen for the line, and the Soft Waterbrush for the color,
Make some decorative elements as ribbon, pasta, the nut, and more leaves on the basket.

The pasta and the nut have been done separately

So you’re free to compose them and placed them on the ribbon and in the fruit basket.

The main girl is mainly finished!

Create a new folder “RAW”.
Insert all folders and layers into it.
Close and lock it with [ Locked Layer]

With a right click , select “ Duplicate Layer”.
Again With the right click . go to “Convert Layer”
so we have the main character on a unique layer.

Create a new folder “ Corrections”
Put the drawing in to the folder.

Create a New . [Normal 100%] Layer.
Go to Fill -> Refer only to editing Layer
color the layer with a dark green.

Change the Layer option from Normal to Soft Light.
Opacity-> 70%
With this shade, I applied a color correction of the work tending to the green.

Create a New Layer. [Normal 100%]
With the Soft Waterbrush, white and light blue color, create some light/contrast effect.

After that change the layer option to Normal from Soft Light.
Opacity-> 100%

Finally create
New [Normal 100%] Layer “white”
With G-pen and white color, draw some light lines, finishing the character.

Close the folder.
With right click, select “ Convert Layer”

And our girl is finally finished.

Before to start the background [You can read the main tutorial here]


Remember to check any white outside of the outlines
To do this we create a New Layer and
move it below the character layer.
Go to Fill –> Refer only to editing Layer.
Color the layer with any color. I chose black.

This will make any white paint outside of the outlines visible
Go to the Eraser -> Hard erase
and delete every the unnecessary white paint.

Delete the black layer.

Thank you very much for reading this bonus part.
Remember to read and support the main tutorial related the backgrounds tips here.
For any curiosities or questions don't hesitate to ask.


See you in the next tutorial.

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