(macOS) Clip Studio Paint compatibility with Sidecar



Sidecar can now be used with macOS Catalina (10.15).

Below, we detail any incompatibility problems we have found when using Clip Studio Paint 1.9.4 and Sidecar.

■ Touch/Swipe actions using fingers do not work

Sidecar does not recognize single finger Touch/Swipe actions.

If you need to perform any touch operations, please use the Apple Pencil.

■ The [Redo] function, which is performed by swiping the screen with three fingers, will not execute when editing text.

Sidecar does not recognize the [Redo] function, swiping the screen with three fingers, when editing text with the [Text] tool.

For the moment, we recommend using the [Redo] function from the [Edit] menu.

We are looking into the possible causes of this error.

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