Draw hair line drawing with border effect


I would like to explain how to draw a line drawing of hair using the border effect border.

1.Draw hair

First, draw a basic head on the new layer.

Create a new layer on top of it and draw your hair.

Click [Border] of [Border effect] of the layer property effect.
The width of the border will be the thickness of the line drawing. (Image is 0.20mm)
The border color should be black.
Uncheck the border anti-aliasing.
Draw hair in white using a non-aliased pen.

First, draw from the bangs. Draw as if the hair bundles are finely divided after aligning the tips.

Next, draw the back hair. A rough line drawing was completed.

I think that it is easier to draw hair with ponytails and other parts if the layers are divided into multiple layers.

2. Make a line drawing

Makes a border line drawing.
Create a new layer below the hair layer.
Click Merge to the bottom layer to merge.

Next, click [Edit] → [Convert Brightness to Transparency].
By doing so, white becomes transparent and the color can be painted.

Before left transparency conversion After right conversion

3. Straighten the line

Because the line drawing of the face does not match the smoothness of the line
Click [Filter] → [Blur] → [Smoothing] to smooth the line.

Before left smoothing and after right smoothing

Brush off the broken lines or sharpen the tips.
Use a round pen with anti-aliasing when writing.

4. Complete

This completes the line drawing.

After that, arrange it to your favorite color by clipping.

Let's enjoy coloring.

This is the end of this course.
Thank you for reading so far!


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