Background summary & brush link that can be drawn with a Christa brush


Using the brush function of Christa, I will introduce the background and sky of a continuous group of plants quickly and easily together with the brush used.

Poppy field

I drew with this brush. Miso is where leaves and flowers are separated. Let's increase the numerical value to blur with "Gaussian blur" in order of front, middle, distant, and distant views. The color is also “hue” and thinned as it goes farther, and a yellow gradation is applied from the top, and blue and purple gradations are applied from the bottom to express a feeling of air. This technique is used in the background of anime.

Lavender field

This is basically the same as poppy. It's salvia, not lavender ... I'm drawing only one salvia. I changed one to 4-5 types by “mesh deformation” and made a brush. When drawing such a picture, it is desirable to have about 3-6 patterns.


This is a very awesome brush. You can draw clouds easily. Sky gradient is included by default in Christa

I tried to use this "day sky" and the sea using the "night sky". If you have about 15 minutes, you can draw with a margin.


I drew a bunch of grapes with the above grape brush, and then drew it as a brush. The bunch and leaf brush will be released tomorrow.


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