Spring scenery drawn with a margaret brush


I drew this scene using a brush. I took the process with a sketch, so please refer to it.

Part 1

First, place the flowers with a brush.

Then, “clipping” the shadow to the flower and placing it randomly, setting the layer mode to “multiply”.

On top of that, we will place another flower in a separate layer. Now you can draw two layers of flowers with different heights.

Part 2

Create a new bottom layer, grow the grass appropriately with the “general grass” brush, and change the hue to green close to black.

In such a way, we will grow bright grass as we go up.

At the bottom, white is visible, so I drew the ground with a grass brush and paint.

Part 3

“Gaussian blur” a little on the grass layer and the flower depicting the shadow below.
And with “Luminance”, the shadow falling on the grass is completed for the time being, but let's trim it so that it looks better.

I could make a more flashy impression with more filters, but I thought that Margaret was rustic, so I didn't process it too much.


Click here for the brush used this time


What did you think? The miso is made up of two tiers of flowers.
I think that various flower gardens can be drawn by combining with existing brushes.
See you next time.




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