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Can the material for the Comistair raster be used in Crysta?

This is a memo that can and cannot be done when you want to read materials created with a comistor or an illustrator in CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

To be honest, those who use Christa are talking about the material for Christa. . If you still can't, give up.

I'll start with what I came up with for the time being.

Tone material

The tone material for the comista is recorded as a [.tne] file. This file cannot be read by Krista as it is. It's impossible to drag and drop files into the canvas or material palette.

You can convert the material from the [Settings] menu of CLIP STUDIO, but you can convert the tone material etc. in the material palette (Crysta is the material palette) here.

■ When comistas and rasters are in the same computer ■

You can run If you only have Crysta, you can't do it. In other words, if you want to do something, you need to register the tone material with the comista installed and convert it to the crystal. By the way, be careful because all materials are copied to the crystal at that time. There is no way to select them individually (at least if I had done before. Tell me if they are different now)

For the same reason, there is no way to read the tone material for the comista by itself on an iPad without ComicStudio or IllustStudio.

Brush material (Windows / mac os)

The brush material is a little confusing. The Windows / mac version can read Comista brush material [.tos] files. Simply register it to the sub tool palette by dragging and dropping.

Brush material (iPad)

[.tos] brush material cannot be read on iPad. Also, ASSETS materials other than those for Christa are zipped when registering materials, so you will need to decompress the files. In that case, there are cases where it cannot be decompressed on iPadOS (it is often a zip file that is not limited to ASSETS because it is Apple's specification). It's okay if you have a third-party decompression app, but even if you can decompress the [.tos] file, it can't be read by the iPad version.

Even if you execute [Load Sub Tool] from the sub tool palette menu, the file is grayed out and cannot be selected, and it will not be accepted even if you drag and drop from the file application.

If it is absolutely necessary, load the tool with the PC version of Christa, and then save it as [.sut] in [Export sub tool].

3D material

There is a big difference between 3D materials for iPad and PC. The PC version can read the corresponding 3D file. There are various compatibility and reproducibility, but there is such a thing in any app (3D file compatibility is really troublesome), supported formats CLIP STUDIO 3D character format (extension: cs3c), CLIP STUDIO 3D object format ( Extension: cs3o), CLIP STUDIO 3D background format (extension: cs3s), fbx, 6kt, 6kh, lwo, lws, obj are supported.

The iPad version does not support Ver.1.5 compatible 3D layers, 3D materials, 6kt, 6kh. It's a little confusing. In fact, the standard of Christa's 3D material itself has been changed in version 1.6. Since it has become convenient and easy to use, I am very old, but the problem is “handling of old crystal 3D materials”. The PC version can be used as it is. There are some precautions such as the 1.6 and later materials cannot be placed on the same 3D layer because the format is different.

The old 3D material cannot be used on the iPad. It cannot be registered as a material. If you open a clip file that contains old 3D material, you can't adjust it.

Notes on purchasing ASSETS material on iPad

The point I want to be aware of when using ASSETS on the iPad version is that "materials that are not compatible with iPad are also displayed". Since the iPad version cannot access ASSETS in CLIP STUDIO (no mark) like the PC version, it will open ASSETS in safari (browser). As with the PC version, material that does not support Christa is also displayed at this time, so you may accidentally download unsupported material.

Applicable apps (ComicStudio / IllustStudio / CLIP STUDIO PAINT etc.) are shown for each material, and if it is 3D material, it is the same whether it is a material that supports version 1.6 or later. Check without neglect (although I sometimes do it when I'm impatient).


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