Quick Illustration - Bowling Theme - Easy Level


Quick Illustration - Bowling Theme - Easy Level


1.Presentation of the tutorial:

 Welcome to my channel "drawing is easy" in favor of the Gamer's Heart association.
Today, Tutorial Level 1.
Quickly draw a complete bowling alley with simple shapes.

2. A simple decor using perspective:

Let's start with the simple and effective decor.
The idea is to understand where we are very quickly without too much detail.
Along each video, you will see keyboard shortcuts that will allow you as my videos to learn by heart and therefore to use the software more easily.
These easy tutorials are intended for the uninitiated so that everyone can get good results without being a master in the digital art.

3. The Tools:

As you can see it is perspective here, with simple lines you get a visual very quickly.
We therefore use the rules and then the Pen in Feather G mode.
In terms of details, you choose from the attractive menu on your left the size most suitable for your drawing.
I advise you to linger a bit in order to discover a multitude of tools at your disposal.
Then, the "paint bucket" tool, sometimes the area is not completely filled so you have to use the "magic wand" or play with layers.
The layers appear on your right, if this is not the case go and look for them in the "window" tab at the top of the screen.

4. The advantages of the software:

At the top right a window allows you to enlarge or shrink your work plan and also to rotate it 360 ° if that is your need.

5. First character:

Now the characters. I chose the universe of Frozen in this tutorial.
First of all Anna, pretty little girl with pigtails, carrot color.
You will quickly understand that everything is in the posture, the look and the shade for this drawing.

6.Management of tools:

I always start with rules, it is the square-shaped tool on the left. For the small bowling balls, I chose the geometric rules. Then the tool for drawing, represented by a pen holder, in pen mode G and finally the paint bucket tool.

7. Second character:

Second ball, the famous Elsa with its magical braid and pastel colors.
The principle is always the same, rules, pen, paint bucket ... Try not to overflow too much to avoid touching up next ... Think 1st, 2nd and 3rd plan ... Here the shadow is behind the face which he is behind his hair.

8.Touching up ...

To the eye, I see that the three holes, originally intended for the fingers on a bowling ball, are not balanced so I use the selection area tool, represented by a lasso in the top left, I surround the area to move then a toolbar appears allowing me to move the object by clicking on "scale / rotation", represented by a square, then we must validate the move on ok.

9.Third character:

I present Olaf to you. For the two little girls the three original holes of the bowling ball were represented by the cheeks and the mouth. for our main ball it is the carrot nose and 2 buttons. Of course a snowman is white but I choose a bluish white so that a color is taken into account because by default the backgrounds in digital software are white or transparent so the interest of putting a color is to avoid problems fill or layers thereafter. We call a blue white, a titanium white.

10. Symmetry:

I chose to make a single play in order to make a Copy / Paste Ctrl C + Ctrl V and thus obtain a symmetry because this character will be in the middle of the drawing.

11. Fourth character:

Then comes Sven, a fun character to do because it is not easy to transform a caribou into a bowling ball, you will see through my videos that I really like to practice morphing and I intend to teach you how to quickly do as much ...
As for colors, normally its woods are white but I find that it is more speaking wood color to represent its defenses.

12. Variations:

I suggest you avoid overly symmetrical subjects, omitting the nostrils for example when the character is well in front. The hair, the hairs, do it rather at fealing, your subject will appear much more realistic and more alive.

13. Example:

On this ball I chose for example to duplicate the eyes and the nostrils on the other hand the antlers and the tuft of hairs are them made with the instinct.

14. Fifth character:

To continue, I suggest Kristoff, the nice trainer delivering the film in a charismatic cap.
In animated representations, it is necessary to dwell on a detail in order to represent a character, it is sometimes difficult as someone or something may seem trivial. It is there, all the eye of the artist, in fact we are all capable of making caricatures, from the moment that we spot "the" detail. Often it is a nose or ears protruding for example. There, those are balls so you have to look further, me, I chose his hat.

15. Sixth character:

Finally here is Hans, the villain, because there is always a villain in history ... I lingered on his paws (hair) as well as on his scarf of a burgundy / mauve to make it a little more attractive. .. Linger a little on the details of each character, the reflections in the eyes should give the direction of the look. If the character looks to the right then the reflections will be on the left. Insist on the effect of movement, it's a ball, have fun moving the elements of the face a few degrees at a time and it will give multiple results ... And above all take your time to position the shadow, it you have to imagine the points of light ...

16. little parenthesis:

On Sven, for example, you can see at a glance that the ball is in elevation.

17. Montage final:

We left for the final assembly ...

Each character will find his lane and we will find out who will win.
The cartoon is almost abstract art, it is succeeding in a single jet to make the observer understand what we have in mind.
Use a layer each time you import a ball onto the stage.
You select the whole image with Ctrl + A then you copy Ctrl + C and finally you paste Ctrl + V on the stage.
Then you select the white part with the magic wand and cut it with Ctrl + X, the Delete key or the Delete key on your keyboard.
Also note that the software takes the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z to go back on an action when we were wrong so do not panic, we can be wrong ...

18. Finishes:

Pay attention to the size of the balls, it's all about perspective, the further the ball is, the smaller it will be.
Finally, have fun with the "Decoration" tools, I chose the "effect" tab under "Star B" and sign your work.


Thank you for viewing this video, I hope I have taught you lots of little tips, I look forward to your comments.
See you soon with Gamer's Heart, when gamers expose their hearts ...


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