TUTO 2: TIPS OF THE MONTH Using patterns (March 2020)


To view the full project "create a webtoon with patterns and monochrome on video, it's here:


1st step: Determine the repeating elements that we will need:

I suggest you create patterned brushes according to the different plans:
The 4th plan, otherwise called the horizon, on which we will see a landscaped decor. Example: mountains and clouds.

The 3rd plan is a plan closer to the decor, the bodies of water bordering the mountains for example.

The 2nd plan, we are in a room so why not the tapestry. My example: a herringbone pattern in vertical format:

The foreground why not bedroom background furniture ...

And at plane 0, otherwise called the camera plane, flowers or shadows.

2nd step: Create a patterned brush

Start by drawing a pattern. In my example, the patterns are in white and black, it is the same procedure for the color (cf. tutorial on flowers in my TIPS of February 2020).


Cut out the pattern, the background must be empty.
Save in .png format.
BE CAREFUL if you want a repeating pattern that touches itself, you must touch the edges of your drawing board.

In the layers interface on the right:

In the Edit tab:

In the decoration interface on the left:

Be sure to choose the direction of the pattern.

Search the existing tools to understand the sequences already imposed. So if you create a tool, you make a duplicate with all its characteristics. So polus need to modify the tool point by point.

Using the brush:

Applying the brush in a decor:

3rd step: Create a decor quickly

In order to give you the opportunity to create elements quickly, I suggest a simple trick:
Use the rule called "special", it gives the direction of your line, so you can in a few lines give the illusion of rain.

And that's a quick and easy decor.

Thank you for paying attention to this tutorial for the association "Gamer's Heart".


You will find the full project (webtoon / monochrome / patterns) here:

Find chapter 1 on the creation of a Webtoon here:


Find chapter 3 on monochrome here:


(due to lack of network, an additional video will be available on this TIPS during the week).

To consult the full webtoon in VF in color or in VO in Black and white it is here:



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