TUTO 3: - TIPS OF THE MONTH - Monochromie (mars 2020)


To view the full project "create a webtoon with patterns and monochrome on video, it's here:


1st stage: The monochrome

Definition: Said of a single color. So if you use red, green or even blue and play with the hues from the darkest (black) to the lightest (white), you get monochrome. This is also the case for sepia, sanguine or even charcoal. Not to be confused with "shades of gray".

2nd step: Black and white

Definition: Those are hues, not colors, that's why if you opt for a "black and white" filter, only the darkest areas are taken into account and the light areas are considered white. Not to be confused with a "photocopy" plating which takes into account the clipping of the scene in addition to the shadows and lights.

3rd step: screening

Definition: Dithering is a filling by pattern. The darker the area, the tighter the pattern. It can be by dotted lines, circles ... No matter the shape, the important thing is what the eye sees, the tighter the pattern the more the eye understands the black. It is a lighter method than "black and white" because this format can be overwritten in .bmp format.

4th step: Shades of gray

Definition: When we pass a pattern in shade of gray, it is generated according to the density of the color below, I mean color and not tint because the function "shade of gray" takes into account the ranges of red , additional blue and green (RGB) which is not the case for monochrome. Do not confuse light and white or darkness and black *.

* Be careful not to confuse the primary colors: magenta red, cyan blue and lemon yellow used in painting and the light tones used in IT: red, green, blue. It is not a canvas to paint, it is computer graphics. So the light is clarity not white and the darkness of shadow not black.

Thank you for paying attention to this tutorial e favor of the association "Gamer's Heart".


Find chapter 1 on the creation of a Webtoon here:


Find chapter 2 on the use of patterns here:


(due to lack of network, an additional video will be available on this TIPS during the week).

To consult the full webtoon in black and white OV or in color VF it is here:



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