How to make seamless patterns from anything


I always work with patterns. they help me save lots of time on painting and comic work and the pattern functions in clip studio make it more fun to work with patterns.

I hope this video helps you get more idea to work with the pattern!

Table of contents in the video

Part 1 : introduction
-introduce how seamless pattern works

Part 2 : pattern from object
-arrange objects into pattern

Part 3 : texture pattern from photograph
-see some interesting texture? this part is about take photo and make it seamless patterns

Part 4 : draw your own pattern
-turns drawing to the pattern and export it for some game asset

Part 5 : geometric pattern with grid
-design stunning patterns with grid and figure tool

Part 6 : pattern setting
-you can repeat the single ink image into various pattern with tile setting.

Bonus Part : apply patterns on artwork
-the sample of using pattern in the drawing

the main technique in the tutorial goes with this concept

enjoy working with patterns!! have a good day


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