Monochrome Lips Tutorial with Clip Studio Paint


How to draw monochrome lips

Understanding the lips shape

Welcome to my tutorial! Today we're going to draw lips in grayscale-monochrome from structure to full shading.

The first step is to break down the lips in a simple, geometric-like shape as I've shown in the picture above. You can use triangles, blocks, and trapezes. It makes the process a lot easier.
You can also use circles if it's easier for you! As I show in the right part of the image, you can also break down these shapes into circles and ovals to make the lips appear softer fast.

Breaking the shapes into more complicated ones

Once you've understood the base shape of the lips, you need to understand how the more realistic form works: as you can see, we can still break it into simple shapes, but it's more complicated than before: use "bird wings" to help yourself create the various lines and simply merge them together.

Lips are a big merging of different shapes and depth:

The lower lip, for example, is in relief for the most part. While the upper one falls into the sides and is outside the central part. It may take a while to figure out exactly how it works, but by continuing to try it you start drawing naturally.

Our light source comes from the left part of the drawing, and using this information, we can understand where lightning goes: I broke down the basic positioning for you!

Making the base shape more soft and complex

When you're happy and got confident with the lips structure, you can start to draw the actual lips:
I broke it down for you into 5 principal circles that compose the lips itself, and 6 circles that compose the surrounding of the lips themselves.

From the circles, you can compose your lips with softer shapes to create what's most similar to a real pair of plump lips! When you're done creating your structure, simply delete the inner part of the lines that are useless once you have your outside shape.

We'll proceed into shading them!
Shade them using the previous reference of the blocky version of our lips! Now shades have to me softer, but the positioning is the same!


Imagine that a lighting source is coming from the top left corner of our lips, and it's touching them;
Now the upper lip will create a shadow on the lower lip, and so will the lower lip cast a shadow on the chin.

Once you've placed your shadows and you're satisfied with their positioning, you can start merge the lineart layer and the shading layer. Merging these two components will make the lips look a lot more realistic and soft! Take your time, using the same shades that compose the lips to uniform them.

After you're satisfied with your piece, we can start to add even more depth and lighting using an OVERLY layer. I used a black coloring with a soft brush to enhance the shadows, and a lighter color to enhance the lighting.

After this step, I used an ADD GLOW layer to add more lighting to the piece and make the lips More glossy. You can add more glossiness if you will, depending on what your Chara is wearing on their lips. And we're done!


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