How to easily make emoticons



Today I will show you how to make your own emoticons and easily!


NOTE: The drawings of the speedpaint will be different from those presented in this TIPS because I had some problems when recording the screen.

1. The sketch

To make my emoticon set, I start by creating a new layer.

I choose the "stickers" preset

Then on a new layer, I draw the sketch (without the eyes, the mouth, etc ...)

2. the lineart

After making the sketch, on a new layer, I will ink the sketch and then place the ink layers in a folder that I will name "base".

3. Emotions

I will then draw the different emotions (on a different layer each time)

4. the colors !!

After having drawn all the desired emotions, I will hide all the layers by clicking on the eye. Then I will create a new layer in my base folder, and place it below the line. On this layer I will come to put the colors (I chose to use only one layer but you can use several, just be careful to place it below the line)

If you wish you can add shade and light

I will now create a layer (below each layer where I have drawn the emotions) and add the colors (here, the nose and the mouth)

Repeat the process for each emotion

5. Colorization of the line (optional)

To color the line, I just create a new layer (above the line layer), put it on 'mask clipping of the lower layer'.

Then I come to place the colors. I find it prettier than these all black lines.


To give my emoticons a more 'sticker' appearance I will add a black and then white border.

I merge the 'base' folder into a layer. Then I select this layer and go to layer properties.

I adjust the parameters so that the thickness of the border suits me.
To add another border, I just duplicate the layer and place it below the original then repeat the same process as for the black border.


To export each emoticon, I proceed one by one. I leave visible the base layer and the emotion that I want to export. Then I go to file -> save the duplication -> and I select PNG !! The PNG format allows you to have the transparent background.

I repeat this process until I have exported all the desired emotions

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