Apply hair with only 4 colors


Paint with 4 colors. e? You might think, but the original colors are 4 colors. After that, use light emission and multiplication. I've also put on how to coat my hair before, but the difficulty was that the quality was low for the long hair.

These three colors are used. This color is designated as ①②③ from the top. When painting, add a new layer.

Fill with 1.

Draw hair with ②. Don't forget your back hair and your thorns.

Apply with ③ as if tracing the hair. Be aware of the thick and thin areas.

Add a new layer, make it a multiplication layer and paint with airbrush → ①.

Add a new layer, make it a light emitting layer, and paint with Airbrush → ①.

② Use ③ to draw a gloss and make it glow. There should be two angel rings. Download and draw.

Apply with an airbrush with a dark skin color.

It is completed by drawing a little more along the flow of hair.

Depending on the color, the light emission of the last gloss may be subtle. I think it is good to draw and adjust in this way.


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