How to use basic tools


■ Thumbnail

Let's master the usage of basic tools.

■ Resolution

It depends on the individual, but in my case, I use B4 size and 350 resolution.

■ Antialiasing

Open the tool and click the red square.

Open the sub tool details.

You can draw different lines. The more jagged it enters.

■ Clipping

First, draw an illustration. Clipping is required in order to paint without sticking out of this picture.

Add a new layer. It is a red square.

Apply it like this

Click the red □.

Then a red mark came out.

You can paint without protruding.


First, click outside the paper.

Hold down shift and pull in the direction you want to pull so that it does not become diagonal.

■ White part is transparent

There are times when you want to make the white part transparent? Then do this.

Click Edit → Convert brightness to brightness (B).

Then it will be mostly transparent.

■ Color mixing

Open the tool and click the red square.

Open the sub tool.

Mixing colors from above Blurred fingertips.

■ Symmetry

Open the tool and click the red square.

Open the sub tool and open the symmetric ruler.

Pull while shifting. Then you can draw symmetrical lines.

You can also draw illustrations like this.

You can move this ruler to another layer. Click the red □.

Let's drag it down.

■ Gradation

Open the tool and click the red square.

Click Window → Sub Tool Details (D).

Then it looks like this. Open the advanced settings.

For example, when you want to put another color in the middle. Click in the middle.

Click the red □. Then you can change the color.

■ Color palette

It is convenient to have a color palette. Click + on the polka dot. Then you can add a new color.

Use the color circle to select your favorite color.


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