(Simple form), For beginners, Drawn from Skies



Step 1

For the first step we will add a manual background of how we would like the time of our landscape to be (my case, Sunset), In my case use the Dense Watercolor Brush, and also add a meadow to help the landscape.

Step 2

Now we will use the "Color Mix" tool.

Now we will use it in the parts where the colors are changed, (I use it by giving circular shapes in the divisions of the colors, we should end something like this, for now.

We can also use the "blur" option in the "color blend" tool so that we have a more natural effect.

Step 3

Now we will shape our clouds, (I do it with the "Dense Watercolor" tool and we would have a result like this.

To this one we would only have to give the last details such as soften the interior of the clouds and clarify the background landscape a bit, I hope it has served you since it is my first tip, remember that this form I use since I am not yet an expert but I have a little knowledge in the program

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