Crysta blender 360 ° food


Draw an image of food with Crysta and make it three-dimensional with a blender.

■ Make an image with Crysta

First, prepare a circle of this color.

Draw a rough texture with gouache.

Draw a brown with an airbrush.

Add cheese.

You can also add other ingredients.

Draw shadows and browns on each ingredient.

Put the pizza in a square.

■ blender modeling

When modeling, switch from object mode to edit mode.
◇ Plate
■ Reduce the width with E
■ Make a circle with the subdivision surface with the spanner mark

◇ Pizza
■ Make it smaller than the plate

◇ Desk
■ Reduce the width with E
■ Expand with S

■ Subdivision surface

From the blue spanner

Make it a subdivision surface.

■ Shading

First, open the shading. We will build a node for each.

Set the background. Make the red □ the world. Select an image texture from Add.

Download from HDRI Havan.

Make a wooden board. Make an object from the world. Select an image texture from Add.

Download from Texture Havan.

Make pizza and plates in the same way.

■ Automatically build nodes

Select Preferences from Edit, search for Node from Add-ons and check.


If it is not displayed well, please click the red □.

Otherwise, the texture etc. will not be displayed.

■ Pancake

Draw with an airbrush.

This is the melted part of butter. Apply with an airbrush.

Draw a shadow.

Put the putter on it.

Put the jam on it.

Paint the shadow.

Draw a luster.

Sprinkle with fruit.

Please download it.

■uv expand

You can also draw with texture paint as shown in the image above. However, textures cannot be pasted for shapes other than solids and planes without uv expansion.

* It can be pasted more beautifully than when using pizza, but it is not reflected along with the background image. ₍Perhaps₎

■ Omelet rice

Draw in the same way as before. ₍You don't have to prepare it.₎ This time I will draw with texture paint.

■ Prepare a 360 ° template

This illustration is an illustration drawn in the Mercator projection. Try searching for templates.

■ blender omelet rice

■ View with 360 ° blender

When viewing with blender, change from jpg to hdr. The ketchup part will be hidden.

■ Salad

Prepare a picture of the vegetables.

Cut off the excess part, process the photo and register the brush.

Please download it.

■ Strawberry sauce

I will prepare pink.

Sprinkle with strawberries.

Also studded with strawberries.

Make it fluffy with a pink airbrush.

Draw a luster and it's done.


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