Placing A Character In A Perspective Paint


Hi everybody, I am Leonardo, and in this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to place characters in a perspective drawing for animation. The background for this tutorial is based on the illustration of my first tutorial

The basic premise is to place a character in a perspective drawing using 3D model, so to place the 3D figure in perspective you must recreate the perspective of the illustration in the 3D figure. In CSP is quite easy because every 3D model has a hidden perspective ruler, you just need to activate the ruler and adjusted it to the perspective of the illustrator, like in the next gift.

This can be used for animation, the complete tutorial is on my YouTube channel, is a 14 min video, in which I explained how to adjust the model to the environment and how to create key positions for animation.

Thank you, this is a short TIP but I think the video can explain how to use this technique much more efficiently, if there is any doubt please let me know.



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