How to paint eye: from sketch to finish


Hello people!
Welcome to my tutorial on how to paint eyes. I hope I can help you in some way.

Sketch / Color Blocking / Shadows and Lighting

Make the sketch with the brush of your choice.

I used a brush most of the time during the entire process, the soft brush. Below are my hardness and density settings. Feel free to use the settings you want.

Block the color of your choice, here I used a skin tone without too much contrast. Use a layer below the sketch layer, as shown in the image, and lock the layer opacity to paint just inside the shape.

Add shadows on specific parts, use the eyedropper to select the base shade and use a dark variation, you can use the image I made as a reference.

Add clear gifts, including inside the eyes. Take care not to add too light shades.

I used the soft brush with the settings that I showed above.

Blend of colors / Details and finish.

Now, let's go to the part I like best: Blende of colors, details and finish!

First, merge the sketch layer with the bottom layer and lock the opacity.

This moment is all yours. Be calm and considerate when refining some details, like the corners of the eyes, where I added a little magenta and the color of the eyes. I also refined the eyebrow. I still used the same brush with the same configuration that I showed earlier.

Now, add a little more lighting, as I did on the highlighted parts.
Use a lighter color for this, I used a yellowish color tone.

Then, you can make a blend of colors to blend this lighting with the rest of the painting.

We are reaching the final part.

Use the indicated soft brush to add eye contour, such as makeup, and highlight some details, as shown in the image below.

Create a new layer and use the Overlay blending mode.

And use strong tones to give the painting more life.

And we did it!

You can add sparkles, color variations and whatever else you want!


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