Animating A Run Using File Objects, (Nested Animation)


In a previous tip, I explained how to use puppet animation in CSP, in this tutorial I want to expose the potential for the use of File Objects in nest animation for your projects.

The entire process can be find it in my YouTube video here:

To create a nest animation first I create this run cycle in clip studio, I try to keep the size of the file as close as possible to the borders of the animation, and save it as .CLIP

Then, in the target file that you are looking to place the animation, in my example is a file in Full HD with a background, I need to go to File/Import/Create File Object…

Import the file to your camera folder and place it in the canvas, every cycle will be shown as a layer but it will contain the entire animation, you can copy the animation in the timeline and paste it to repeat the loop.

I create some rectangles to help me place the character in the right position, remember to use linear interpolation for the keys because these cycles move at a constant speed, please visit my YouTube video for a detail explanation of the process.

The advantage of this technique is that you can still modify the animation file and then save it again, and it will modify automatically the main animation, so if I decide to change the colors of the character, I just need to modify the cycle

Download the files for this project at:

There is a great potential for this technique especially for complex animations or to simplify the timeline in special cases.

Thank you, I hope this tutorial is easy to follow if there is any doubt please let me know.



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