Hello! In this article I will show you 5 TIPS to use CLIP STUDIO PAINT. These are tips that I have been gathering over time and I also take the opportunity to answer some questions that have been asked of me.

On this occasion I have decided to make this tutorial with 5 useful tips so that you can get to know the software a little more, surely one of these tips you did not know.

So, I invite you to watch the video where I talk about these 5 TIPS

Video Tutorial: 5 TIPS to use CLIP STUDIO PAINT

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What did you think of the TIPS? Were there very few?

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Summary of the 5 tips

Tip 1: Project resolution: I suggest that when creating a project to make your illustration this is yes or yes of 300 or 600 resolution (for me the best option is 600) and in the size of the project that is always 4000 pixels up to 7000 at most, it is not necessary to reach 10,000.

Tip 2: Stabilization: This tool helps us if we do not have a good pulse when drawing, this helps us a lot to make our lines smoother, especially in lineart where we need more precision.

Tip 3: Area scaling: This option is very useful for when we paint our drawings with the paint pot, since generally when doing so it leaves us an unpainted line between the color fill and the lineart. Activating this option will paint in a good way without leaving those white spaces that look quite bad.

Tip 4: Adjust to lower layer: I have not explained this option in my channel, so I will soon make a video showing it well, but it is a tool that allows us to paint on another layer respecting the color of said layer, without having to worry if we will leave the area of our drawing.

Tip 5: Exporting an illustration: Obviously we want to share our creations on social networks, but we should not upload our works to such high resolution, since the image would be very heavy. We must average quality and weight. So I suggest you change the percentage or the output size of the canvas, 2000 pixels minimum would look pretty good on social media.

What did you think of the summary? Remember to watch the video as many times as you want in case you did not understand it well.

I leave you a greeting, that you are very well and until next time!



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