How to use the Wacom ONE with Clip Studio Paint


Hello! In this article I will show you How to use the Wacom ONE with Clip Studio Paint, in addition to answering the questions that I have been asked in my previous video called: Unboxing and WACOM ONE Review.

In the tutorial I will show my way of using it and for that I will show it in Clip Studio Paint.

Carrying out the entire process of an Illustration: Sketch, Lineart, Color and Shadow, Final Retouching.

While I answer all the questions that have been left me about the operation of the Wacom ONE.

So, I invite you to see this review / explanation of the use of this Wacom tablet:

Video: How to use the Wacom ONE

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I tried to explain in detail how the Wacom ONE works, remember that it is simply a screen with the ability to draw, imagine it as a second monitor for your computer.

Clip Studio Paint is always the best option for Drawing, Illustration and of course, 2D Animation.

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