How to draw easy hair



Hello? This is the first time posting TIP. Today's tip is'How to draw easy hair'. Since this is the first time to post TIP, please understand if there are any problems.

Finished work

And picture

This is the head that will explain how to draw hair.

First add a new layer.

Then draw an approximate head shape.

Once you've drawn the rough shape, add some details. Then, fill the basic base color with the fill using the [Fill] brush. I've filled one of my favorite colors here with purple.


Add a new layer and draw a shadow using the [Shadow] brush among the [Airbrush] tools.

And if you use the [Auto Select] tool, you can draw the shadow neatly.


Now we are going to add a highlight. White is not natural, so use a similar color to add. For the tool, use the [Highlight] brush of the [Airbrush] tool.


When you've finished putting in the highlights, use the [Blur] function of the [Color Blend] tool to soften the edges of the shadows and highlights without making them hard.

And with the [Dark Pencil] brush, I add a sparkling effect to the hair. At this time, reduce the opacity of the pencil to 33%. If the brush is too dark, it will look unnatural.

Now, so that the hair doesn't look too heavy, I use the [Soft] brush of the [Airbrush] tool at the end to add a slightly lighter color to the tip of the hair.

This is the end of all the work. Then next time...


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