Coloring Comics Effectively



Hi! I am Priyanka and I will be telling you about the various techniques on how to color your comic to make it look more presentable and attractive. You can accomplish a good colored comic by following these 4 steps.

Step 1: Line Art

Line Art is a really important feature of your comic. It is better than a sketch as its each stroke is well defined and the readers can know your art more clearly by it.

P.S. Make sure your lines don’t have gaps in between or it’ll become difficult to colour on later!

Step 2: Base Colours

This is the part where we actually get to the coloring part of the comic. Personally, I create different base color layers for skin, hair and other required things.

Step 3: Shadows and Highlight

This a really important step if you want to color your characters better. This really helps to enhance the art.

P.S. If you have made your character on a different layer, the ‘lock transparent pixels’ option is helpful. It ensures the color stays within your character. For example, this is the ‘hair’ layer. I have selected the lock transparent pixels options. Now, wherever I color, it stays in this layer only.

Step 4: Effects (Overlay and Glow)

Now for the final stage. As in the drawing we can see that the sun is setting, we can make the characters appear in the same lighting by using ‘overlay’ effect. It can be found here.

But first, we need to combine all the layers in which the characters are drawn. Insert a layer above it and ‘clip it’ to the layer below by the ‘Clip to Layer Below’ option. This will ensure that what effects we do apply on the characters only and not the background.

Now change the layer effects to ‘Overlay’. As it is the sunset, I will pick the orange color and apply it on the character by using Airbrush.

Now insert another layer above it and ‘clip it’ to the layer below. This layer will be used to add ‘glow’ to the eyes. Again, use the airbrush of the same color of their eyes and apply it over the eyes. It can be found here.


The final product is ready! I hope you all enjoyed my tutorial on ‘Coloring Comics Effectively’.


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