The production process of this picture!


Preface & excuses & caution

・ Please understand that it is not good because it is a picture drawn by 5th grade (Japanese is strange)
・ This picture is a remake of a certain picture! (I don't know the copyright of the picture I referred to, so I haven't posted it.)
・ HAPPY BIRTHDAY is drawn because I drew it for my friend's birthday! And the line of the mouth is thin
・ Because I drew it in a hurry, it was shining and miscellaneous. May post a modified version
・ I'm drawing on a computer, so the lines rattle (sweat)
Completed work ↓


I'm still using SketchBook!
In the draft, I use a brush called a pencil! An ultra-stable brush with zero pressure sensitivity, with low opacity and thick pixels!
I think I should make a picture like this. In the case of this picture, it's a remake, so I'm pasting the image next to it.

Line drawing

What was the line drawing? In Crysta, it is a brush that looks like a graffiti pen with a lot of gaps. It's like an analog pencil!
I change the color according to the case!
Sepia-like and light gray!


I will paint the layers separately! !! Apply the hair roughly, avoiding the flower rings and highlights! Other things also leave the highlights unpainted
The shade is. .. .. I haven't painted it
Everyone, let's paint the shade properly! (Sweat)


I'm going to ridicule my hair, cheeks, and everything in the back of the screen!
After that, the letters behind ...?
I'm sorry


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