Use the ruler tool to draw a one-point perspective scene


Teaching video link

Complete the rendering

The following picture is the completed picture of this tutorial

Find a one-point perspective photo

Hello everyone, today I will demonstrate the use of CSP to draw a one-point perspective scene. First, look for a 1-point perspective photo to watch the painting. The 1-point perspective photo is the diagonal line in the picture, which will be concentrated to a vanishing point in the picture. , And the yellow line is the line of sight, the blue line is the vanishing line, the orange line is the vertical line, 1 point perspective is the shoe line on the screen will be the vanishing point in the screen, and the other lines are horizontal and vertical , The effect is as shown in the figure below.

Create a one-point perspective ruler

Then add a 1 point perspective disappearing ruler, from Layer / Ruler / Create perspective ruler, the effect is as shown in the figure below.

Start drawing according to one-point perspective photos

I use airbrush/soft and dip pen/G pen to draw

Then add an overlay mode layer and add light effects

Post-made filter effect

Use filter / sharpen / USM sharpen

Use filter/Gaussian blur, and use the mask to blur only the foreground part

Finished, thanks for watching



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