[Action] About the law of movement action of the same name layer


You can move the layer with the specified name to the auto action.
Also, by putting the target layer in the folder you want to open in advance,
It is also possible to deploy the folder.
Therefore, it is a very convenient function when moving to any folder.

But what about files with the same name?
This time about the law
I have created and looked at examples of behavior in each case, so please have a look if you are interested.

● Example of layer movement action behavior ●

● Absolute law ●

There are various patterns like the image presented earlier.
The law I would like to introduce here is
"The top target folder is selected below the selected hierarchy"
There is something like that.

● Application ●

Let's apply this.
for example
Suppose you have multiple folders called "tone folders".

Next, when explaining with such a folder structure
Suppose each folder has a tone folder.

・ Background folder (main folder)
・ Background 2 folder (main folder)
・ People folder (main folder)
・ People 2 folder (main folder)

So what if you want to move to any "tone folder"?

I will explain in order.

First of all, if you want to move freely between these 4 folders with actions, prepare the following 4 actions. (It is convenient if you create a shortcut.)

"The top target folder is selected below the selected hierarchy"
Use the law of.

The method is very simple.
First select the main folder and then
All you have to do is create an edit move action with the same name (here, the tone folder).

This can be a continuous action
I think you can divide it into two and take actions separately.

●Notes ●

As a caveat, this action is an action result on the assumption that the target folder (layer) with the same name is always included in the main folder.
If the main folder does not contain the desired folder with the same name, the rules of Example 4 and Example 5 are applied, and the top (in this example, the tone folder of the background folder) is selected.

* Personally, it is strange that the selected state in Example ⑥ is "Paper layer".
For some reason, if you take an action after selecting this layer,
The layer with the same name below is searched.

● ↓ Layer structure action example of concrete application example ●



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