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Create a Q version of 3D puppet

First of all, in order to quickly draw a sketch, here I use a 3D doll to make a sketch, first select the female body from the 3D doll material window, and drag it to the canvas

First adjust the head-body ratio, the Q version ratio, I use 2.5 head-body, first click on the bar graph on the left side of the whole body, and then enter the head-body ratio value on the right, the effect is as shown in the figure below.

Then shorten the body, select the body part, and adjust the length of the body with the partial zoom panel on the right. The effect is as shown in the figure below.

Then select the body posture. I choose the small running posture and drag it to the female body on the canvas. The female body posture will become a small running posture. The effect is as shown in the figure below.

Drawing line

Next, you need to draw the proportions of the facial features. The length of the nose of the doll is used as the length and position of the eyes. In addition, as long as the transparency of the 3D doll layer is adjusted, the 3D doll layer can be lightened and it can be used as a sketch. Use it to draw the face shape and the position of the mouth. The turning point of the face shape is the position of the mouth. In the Q version, most of the characters have round chins, but they rarely turn into pointed chins. The round chins are more cute, and the hair is bigger than the head. Type, and draw the turning line on the side of the head at the same time, the effect is as shown in the figure below.

Then you can draw the character clothes, and the clothes service must follow the body structure and the ups and downs. Here you can draw the line draft to be traced, you can omit the sketch part, because there is already a 3D doll as a sketch, and the line is drawn. I use a vector layer and draw the line with a G-stroke with a dip pen. The effect is as shown in the figure below.


First, fill the color with a paint bucket, set the paint bucket, tick all the layers, tick and close the gap, the allowable degree is about 10, and the range will be expanded to 3.
Sample all layers and fill in different layers.
Close the gap, you can fill in the unclosed lines, but if the gap is too large, the color will still overflow.
Tolerance, the lower the value, the more colors that can be judged, and the higher the value, the fewer colors that can be judged, which makes it easy to overflow the colors.
Enlarging the range means that after filling the color, it will fill in a few more pixels, so you must expand it out according to your schedule, so that the color will not have white edges.
In this way, I added a dot matrix layer to fill in the color. I chose black, white and red as the color.

Then add a color value-added layer to draw the shadow. Use the G pen with a dip pen to draw the shadow first with gray-blue, and then use the soft pen of the airbrush to draw the shadow color. Remember to press the lock transparent button on the layer panel before drawing. , So that the shadow color on the painting will not draw the original shadow shape. The effect is as shown below.

Then add a common layer to draw the bright surface. Use the G pen with a dipping pen as the way. Remember not to paint too much on the bright surface, so as not to damage the inherent color and cause the bright surface to become the inherent color. The inherent color is the object removal. The original color of bright and dark colors,

Then add another overlay layer to highlight, and add another color value-added, to paint some deeper other colors, so that the whole has a feeling of the same tone, and change the line color

Then make the shadow, turn off the eyes of the lowest layer of the canvas, and turn it into a transparent background. Perform the layer combination to display the copy of the layer, and then transform the copied character layer to the ground, just like the shadow of the character. The shadow change color is done, and the effect is as shown in the figure below.

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