How to draw demons


my name is Nico and today I'm going to show you some simple tips when it comes to drawing demonic creatures.

• Introduction

Demons are supernatural beings that we as humans would likely shudder to see. Therefore we will also present them in such a way that they look down on the viewer (us).
(Demons that are supposed to have a powerful effect are best drawn from the frog's perspective)

We will take a closer look at the eyes, noses, ears and mouths of demons and try to imitate them.

• Anatomy of a demon

Demons are physically similar to humans, so we will also retain the main characteristics of the human body.
E.g .:
- the typical 6-8 head-sized bodies
- eyes, nose, ears, mouth
- 2 arms and legs.

What we are changing, however, is the shape of the respective characteristics such as eyes and ears.

 eyes

We make the first eye very pointed to give it a nasty, insidious look. we will also use a very curved eyebrow to represent ignorance towards us.

We give the second eye a look that looks into the soul. We do this by opening the eye so wide that it looks like the eyeball is almost falling out.

Or the third possibility that I will introduce is the one in which we fill the inside of the eyes completely black to give it a very dark aftertaste.

When I draw eyes, I usually start by drawing in the eyelid. Then I move on to the dark circles and eyebrows.

Finally, I put the finishing touches to the eye so that it looks the way I want it.

For the following characteristics, I will explain how I generally draw the nose, ears, and mouth and give tips.

 nose

When it comes to the nose, I search the internet for noses from animals and mix two noses from different animals. Or I already use the noses as they exist on the animal.

(Tip): What also works well as a nose shape are mushrooms.

then I give the whole thing the finishing touches (shading) and the nose is done.

Here are a few examples for inspiration:

 Can

When it comes to the mouth, I make sure that the teeth don't all look the same and try to incorporate the tongue as well and as intensively as possible.

With the tongue you can very well show the desire for something.
(If you see something delicious you also lick your lips)

But you don't necessarily have to leave all your teeth in your mouth all the time. As with my third example, you can draw a few teeth over your lips. This makes the demon look like a muzzled dog which means it is dangerous.
(a dog only gets the muzzle if it is dangerous and bites)

 ears

When I think of demon ears, I immediately think of the ears of an Irish leprechaun. Very long and pointed.
I always try to stick something sharp on my ear so that it looks like a goblin.


That was all I wanted to share about drawing demons. Have fun tracing and creating yourself.

Good succeed


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