Brushes that will solve your life as a draftsman + Package



It has happened to you that you are drawing and you have trouble drawing a certain element

And it is necessary in your illustration but no matter how hard you try, doesn't it come out?

You end up frustrated because it didn't turn out the way you wanted, don't worry I'll give you a solution.

Hello everyone, welcome today I will teach you how to install your Photoshop brushes to Clip Studio Paint to achieve different finishes and you may end up having a new favorite brush.
Let us begin.

Photoshop Brushes

First of all, the brushes are the tools that allow us to give different finishes and textures to our illustrations, which we all know, but many times we find brushes that are not from the program and surely you have come across a set of Photoshop brushes that has been called your attention, but you did not know that they could be installed in Clip Studio and it is very easy, so look for your favorite packages and download them because we are going to install them.

Import and organization

First you have to download the brushes on our computer you can buy them in pages or buy them I will leave you a mega pack of brushes so that you can have them and use them for your future illustrations, and if you use Photoshop you can export them by packages (I will not teach you to export them because I don't use Photoshop but maybe in some other tutorial if they teach it)

Once downloaded we just have to drag them to the folder or section where we have our brushes in Clip Studio and voila they are already downloaded and ready to use, I have to clarify that if it is a very large package it will take time to install them but I am sure they will work perfectly

I recommend that you organize them and that you do not download unnecessary brushes that you will not use, since they will take up space and it will be chaos when you want to look for one.

Mega Brushes Pack

Now if we were all waiting for the brushes, here is the download link of the mega pack of brushes, it should be noted that this is not my responsibility, it belongs to the artist MCGirlDraw

I also leave you a brush that is my own and that you may like

Example of use

Like I leave you an example of an illustration made with Clip Studio and Photoshop brushes from this same package, I regret that it is only the final result because the illustration takes a while and I forgot to take images of the process I hope you forgive that, but I'm sure that with the brushes they will make great illustrations.


Thank you for getting here, I hope you find it useful and that you can get the most out of these new materials and by the way maybe you found a new favorite brush that suits your needs, good luck with your illustrations, and remember that By trying to improve, you have already come a long way on your way.



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