girl from the jewels by otom 639


Step 1 Establish foundations
Here if we use a character as a model to display the jewels we will have its line of action. As for the jewels, we will decide their location and the forms but how general. At this point it is also crucial to observe the negative spaces left by the figure, where the image is more loaded in order to seek balance, establish contrast of lines and curves.

Step 2 Detail
In this step we go in greater depth about the sketch that we already made

Step 3 clean
At this moment what we will do is look for the drawing as clean as possible, in order to prepare a colored base.

Step 4 color
In this step we will define the color palette and center the base of each of the objects.

Step 5 Shadow / smoothing
Here we will choose the tone of the light resulting in the quality of the shadow, being able to have cold, warm lights, hard and soft shadows and the direction of the light source. Another important characteristic is the intensity. This set of features will also be affected with the last step.

Step 5 Lights
Here we will work on reflections, this being a crucial step when talking about shiny stones and polished materials. Something crucial to achieve a good result is to be clear at all times in which direction the light emitter is.



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