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Hi, I'm Cherry!
On this occasion I will show you my process to share a timelapse because I believe that this method, unlike others, is more effective for your audience to have an interaction with you, since this type of short videos are used as an aid for the creative process of those who they look at them. At the same time, I will also give you some illustration tips.

How to create a Timelapse in Clip Studio Paint?

There are two options.

Open a new canvas and check the "Record Timelapse" box at the bottom left of the window.


If you forgot to check the box, you can still record immediately before starting work.
Once your canvas is open:

File → Timelapse → Record Timelapse

Illustration process

As a plus in this tutorial, I will take the opportunity to teach you in a very simple way how to paint water.

For this choose three colors. A dark base color, an intermediate color and a very light light color.
The dark base color will be water, then with the intermediate color paint over wavy oval shapes (as shown in the image) and fill in some spaces, finally do the same with the lighter color.

If you want to make the surface layer of the water brighter, copy and paste the light color layer.
Do the following on this same layer:

Filter → Blur → Gaussian Blur (use whatever amount you see fit)

Export of timelapse, duration, file sizes.

I will briefly explain the sizes that Clip Studio Paint offers, both for file quality, as well as the sizes related to the screen when exporting and the duration. This knowledge will not only help you efficiently export your timelapse, but you can also use it to understand how to share your work process on different social networks.

How to export my file?

When you've finished your illustration, go to:
File → Timelapse → Export timelapse


Keep in mind that this is important for social media.

-For stories and reels, especially from Instagram and Facebook, I suggest you export your file with a duration of 15 seconds because it is the maximum that it can last in a story.

-Subsequently, if you want to publish both in your biography and in your feed, whether on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc., I recommend exploring your timelapse between 30 and 60 seconds.

-The option to export a file as full duration is usually published in the Facebook bio, InstagramTV, Tiktok (up to 3 minutes now allowed) and in the Twitter feed.


1280 px or 1080 px: full HD quality
720 px: HD quality

For this section, you must also have a quality and proportion ratio, but I would recommend that exporting your file with a quality of 720px is more than enough, because to this must also be added the fact that not all people count with a stable internet connection or with screens that can efficiently reproduce a quality above it.
Thinking about this is important when sharing your work on social networks. Work that must be within reach and visible to the greatest number of people and thus obtain greater exposure.

Proportion to share on social networks.

My favorite when choosing this section is undoubtedly the original proportion, although of course, that depends on what illustration I made.

16: 9 —Horizontal wide ratio.
4: 3 —Standard on analog television, that is, almost square aspect ratio.
1: 1 —Totally square ratio.
4: 5 —Vertical aspect ratio generally used in profile images and portraits. Basically it is the way in which the videos are usually displayed in the feed.
9:16 - This is just like the panoramic version, but its appearance is vertical.

-To post on Instagram feed and Facebook bio:
I recommend the 4: 3 ratio for the instagram feed and the 16: 9 ratio or the original ratio for the Facebook bio.

-To post on Instagram stories and reels, Facebook stories, shorts on Youtube or TikToks:
I definitely recommend using the 9:16 ratio, which is the vertical aspect ratio.

-To post on the Twitter feed:
I recommend using the 16: 9 ratio or the original aspect ratio.

I hope I have been clear with the proportions and the quality, because at least for me it is a somewhat complicated issue, that's why I summarized it, since I think that what matters at the beginning is to understand at least the main thing.
I can only wish you luck in your projects and I hope that one of my councils has been useful to you.

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