Trial to share your time-lapse via networks


Hello everyone, got Phis!

So let's talk a bit about the wonderful functionalized studio paint clip "the Time-lapse".

Time-lapse: Basically it's a video animation summarizing your creation process on studio clips.

2 possible ways to start the time-lapse;

1 / Open a new page, a window will appear and just below it is time-lapse recording, check and click on ok to launch

2 / For the second method, it is more practical when you have already opened a page or your work has already started, you select the file tab, browse the drop-down menu and click on time-lapse and finally save.

It is the same method for exporting the job when finished.

Once your creation is complete, select file, time lapse then export. Here you have a video ready to be exploited and you just have to share on your different networks.

When you export the video you have export options to set the size, length and format of the video.

I end with my time -lapse of an illustration that I imagined



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