Tone correction layer "gradation"



A color tone correction layer called "gradation"

There is a thing called "Gradation" in "New Tone Correction Layer" in the "Layer" menu.
I thought it would work pretty well with a gray image
When I used it in color, I was disappointed that the lie color came out.
Unexpected colors may appear and it may be boring for those who find it interesting.

Gradation of color correction layer

"Photo" or "Illustration" is required

First, prepare the image you want to "gradation".

Select "Gradation" from "New Tonal Correction Layer" in the "Layer" menu.
"Number of gradations" is set to (4)

Purple and green are mixed with the color of the sky
I hope it's as I expected, but it's not

In the "Layer" palette, change the "Composite mode" of the "Gradation" layer to "Brightness".

There was no change in hue, and I was able to make gradation.

I compared them side by side.

Earth color appears on the green grass
The wall of the white building was discolored lightly
Set the layer composition mode to brightness to calm down

Since it's a big deal, a numerical test for gradation

The numerical value of "gradation" is from (2) to (20).
I don't know why it's up to (20), but I've never used (20) etc.
In the test, I arranged the default (8), my favorite (5), and (3) and (2).
"Gradation" the top photo
The left is "composite mode" (normal), and the right is "composite mode" (brightness).

Just because the value of "gradation" is (2) does not mean that there are two colors.
that's odd~

The building on the right is said to be tilted significantly
It looks like a deception picture

in conclusion

I've been using "gradation" for a long time, but recently I used this "brightness" to solve the problem of false color.
Using "brightness" is just one way to use it.
It's not a big deal, I just didn't know
However, it is a big discovery for me. CLIP STUDIO PAINT is wonderful!

For those who are new to "gradation" and those who are familiar with it
Please use this as an illustration and play a lot



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