A simple way to draw a transparent watercolor


A feeling of transparency that is transparent.
Overlapping of soft colors.

There are many ways to digitally express watercolors, but in reality, you can draw them in a simple way.

Introducing a lively watercolor expression that can be done using the functions of CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

STEP1: Make a watercolor texture

First, create a watercolor texture.
I drew it using "Blurred watercolor" and "Water brush" of "Real watercolor".
Adding shades gives the texture of paper and paint.

STEP2: Color the illustration

Color the illustration.
Using the watercolor tool "Fiber bleeding", draw while creating color spread and blur.

STEP3: Overlay the texture on the illustration and adjust

Overlay the watercolor texture on top of the colored illustration.
Make sure the texture is larger than the illustration and be placed above (front) the illustration.

Click "Clipping on layer below".
It is OK if there is a pink line on the left side.
The watercolor texture is displayed only in the illustration part.

Set the compositing mode to "Overlay".
Then you will be able to see the colors of the illustration below.

After that, adjust the opacity of the layer and the brightness of the color, and you're done!

You can create a transparent expression like watercolor by simply overlaying a texture on an illustration.

I love the warmth and tenderness of watercolors.
Please enjoy the watercolor expression by using the function of CLIP STUDIO PAINT.



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